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Caroline is a fully registered Supervisor with the Australian Health Practitioner Association (AHPRA); she is qualified to provide Individual and Group Supervision to:

  • 4+2 provisionally registered psychologists

  • 5 + 1 provisionally registered psychologist

  • Fully registered psychologists 

  • counsellors, and

  • other allied health professionals


Caroline is known for her deep care, respect and support of people working within the field of psychology and other allied health professions and as such is in high demand for her supervision services. Caroline sees the supervision process as a very rewarding one, and she deeply appreciates the opportunity to support other professionals in their careers and loves supporting them through what can at times be a very difficult and challenging process. She has an extensive understanding of the challenge’s psychologists and other allied health professionals face and brings a depth of understanding and wisdom to support with this along with making the process joy full and engaging.  



AN OVERVIEW: Clinical Note Taking and Ethical Considerations

Clinical note taking is an important and required aspect of a psychologist’s work. Whether you are an experienced
professional or new to the field of psychology, there is one common feature that many psychologists report to being unsure which is how to write and/or structure their case notes. This Series of workshops provides a macro overview of client notetaking and the many apsects that require our attention as professionals.

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What Supervisee's have to say –

"I have benefitted immensely both personally and professionally from my professional supervision sessions with Caroline Raphael. Caroline is loving and honest and consistently presents nothing but true compassion for humanity. For me, our sessions are eye opening and challenging in a way that I have not previously experienced with other supervisors - and I am truly grateful for this."

"During my supervision, I have come to appreciate Caroline’s wealth of knowledge and experience of psychological practice, as well as her innate ability to make the supervision process simple and enjoyable. Caroline consistently shows a high level of professionalism and a clear understanding of the learnings involved. Her gentle and yet firm approach, combined with a genuine love for her profession, are very inspiring and have supported me deeply along my supervision process. I would not hesitate to recommend her services."   

"Five stars - as a supervisor, I cannot recommend Caroline too highly. She is very personable, patient and her genuine care shone through in all our sessions. I deeply benefitted from her advocacy, collaborative approach, persistence and attention to detail. I would choose her at any opportunity as a supervisor."

"I was supervised by Caroline for 11 months during my time at Fabic and found her supervision and guidance to be beneficial to my development as a psychologist. Although our supervision sessions took place predominantly over Skype, she was always available for support when it was needed. Caroline presented herself as a very ethical and professional therapist. She provided me with constructive feedback to help me refine my clinical skills. Caroline was able to add to my understanding of the therapeutic process through her use of client-centered therapy approaches. She was very supportive and encouraging of my work at Fabic and was able to honestly critique my work with the purpose of skill development. I was also fortunate to sit in on a few of Caroline’s sessions in order to learn through observation. I was able to observe reflection of feeling skills and other therapeutic skills that I then practiced with my own clients. Supervision with Caroline allowed me to feel more confident and competent in my abilities as a psychologist. Most importantly, Caroline was very open and responsive to discussions regarding the supervisory relationship. She was always willing to take on feedback and cater to my needs within supervision sessions."

“Caroline's approach to psychology is always about seeing the beauty and potential of a person and holding them with the deepest love to see the same. 


Caroline has always offered me an unforgettable warmth and love that allows me to really appreciate all that I am and deal with anything that gets in the way of this greatness. 


Caroline is a truly great psychologist as she lives what she then offers clients as a way forward which you can't helped to be blown away by.”

"Supervision is a requirement as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker for my ongoing accreditation with my professional body.  I have had a variety of supervisors over the years but have found that what Caroline offers is an excellent service. During my time working with Caroline I have found her to be extremely supportive and she has assisted me greatly in my role in providing psychotherapy for clients in a community public health facility. Caroline has a depth and breadth of knowledge and wisdom that has provided me with true insight into how best to work in partnership with my clients and the organisational systems within which I am employed. Her skills as a supervisor have supported me to expand my understandings of humanity and ways of offering a genuine service that enhances not just my own foundational skills and knowledge but also by virtue of the flow on effect, that of those I am in contact with.  I am deeply appreciative of Caroline herself and of her work as a psychologist providing such an essential service."

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