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Community Presentations

Caroline regularly runs a number of free community presentations, these presentations have been designed to support individuals, groups, organisations and families within our global community.  Caroline tends to pick and present on topics she feels are relevant and topical at the time of presenting. She does this by observing themes her clients present with and by observing what is occurring within our communities. She does this so that awareness and understanding can be brought to these topics so that individuals are supported to increase their awareness and understanding on the topic/issues being presented and gives individuals the space to express and discuss any concerns they may have.  


Topics include but not limited to; Covid-19, isolation and loneliness, feeling lack of connection, men and women issues, health issues, workplace dissatisfaction, increase in aggressive behaviours, domestic violence, children and parenting issues, stress and anxiety, drugs and alcohol and of course much more. 


These presentations are offered online, free of charge and are Caroline’s way of giving back and supporting individuals and communities at large.


For dates of the events and topics to be presented that day please contact Caroline

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