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Workplace Resolutions


Caroline sees work as a very important aspect of one's life. It is not just somewhere you go to get a pay check. It is a large part of one's life, and a big part of where you get your meaning and purpose from, all of which are very important for psychological health and well-being. Without purpose and meaning in our lives we lack focus and commitment. Without focus and commitment, life can tend to get the better of us, with little issues being given the space to become big ones. Caroline has seen first hand the negative impact workplace conflict can have one one's mental state of being and then disastrous knock on effects that result if this is not dealt with. Businesses and workplaces that foster healthy working environments benefit significantly from this type of culture, including but not limited to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and a higher customer satisfaction. And of course the opposite is true when an unhealthy work environment is permitted.


If you would like to know more about how to foster a healthy and rewarding workplace or require support with conflict in the workplace, please contact Caroline, she would love to support.

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