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Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Caroline undertook further study to train as a Mediator and as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner as she saw the significant benefit mediation had in supporting people to resolve conflict, whether it be work, community or family related.  She had heard and noticed that many people have a sense of distrust and dis-satisfaction with our current legal system and wanted to give people the option of trying another way. Mediation has been found to significantly support keeping people out of an expensive and adversarial legal system.


Caroline has appreciated seeing first-hand how mediation has supported individuals, communities and families to resolve conflict in a way that nurtures and preserves relationships versus an adversarial system that has been reported to destroy relationships and families. Going through our current legal channels can not only be expensive but it can also be a long and drawn out process which can significantly impact on our emotional and physical well-being due to the ongoing stress and anxiety of a drawn out legal case. If you are needing support in your workplace, community or family contact Caroline directly to find out more about her mediation services.

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