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Family Resolutions


Caroline once heard a Family Lawyer say they had left the profession because they were tired of "destroying families". When Caroline asked what this meant, the lawyer stated, "once families enter the legal system they are never the same again, families do not recover from the process".

Caroline already had a passion for mediation and this statement further ignited her to become actively involved in the world of Family Mediation. She had seen that although the mediation process can be difficult it can be no where near as damaging as the adversarial legal system. Caroline also noted that the mediation system when conducted correctly and commitment is shown from both parties that real healing can occur, often with individuals stating they wished they had engaged in mediation/counselling before their relationship had ended. Mediation enabling them to see that often mis-communication and lack of understanding significantly contributed to the break down of their relationship. Caroline has heard couples say, "I wish we had done this whilst we were married, maybe we would still be together". Often in the mix of conflict this outcome would seem highly unlikely if not impossible, however to Caroline this is always possible because at the core of each of us is a decent and caring human being. Feeling hurt and going into protection can make us do some ugly things but when this is understood real change can occur.


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