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Registered Psychologist, BPsych, MAPS, FDRP


Caroline Raphael has been practising as a psychologist since 2000 and during that time has worked for a number of high-profile organisations, including; Kids Help Line, Relationships Australia and the National Reconnect Program. She also ran the psychology department of a K to 12 Boarding school and was responsible for 600 + students as well as teachers, parents and boarding staff.


For the past 13 plus years, she has run her own successful private practice, providing services to children, young people, adults, families, mental health and business professionals, and large organisations. She is also an experienced and in demand presenter who holds workshops and presentations in her local Northern Rivers Region, nationally and internationally on a large range of topics.


Caroline is also involved in a number of committees including, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) North Coast Committee, the APS Psychology and Complementary Interest Group, Co-ordinator for the Lismore Mental Health Primary Network and on the Steering Committee of the Northern Rivers Family Planning Network. She sees this as her way of giving back and supporting the progression of her industry for the benefit of all. All of this along with her continued commitment to people have contributed to the quality of psychologist she is today.


Caroline has a great love for people. Her ability to genuinely connect to others offers a truly supportive way of counselling and presenting, that enables her clients and those she is presenting to, to deeply trust and know they are being held in a safe and nurturing environment.


She offers no judgement or criticism, but a vast level of understanding based on the knowledge that life can be difficult and challenging and as result lead to behaviours or thoughts that are not productive to a healthy way of life. Caroline has a great ability to support individuals to understand their mental health concerns and offers a space that allows individuals to explore what changes they can make to support a more fulfilling and joyful way of living. With her over 20 years of experience working in the health industry she has a wealth of wisdom to support individuals deal with a number of mental health conditions as well as support those that want support to further develop and enrich their lives and relationships.

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